Breast Reconstruction and Cosmetic Surgery

30 Oct 2013 in

A New Study on Breast Cancer Patients Pursuing Cosmetic Surgery after Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is an important part of breast cancer treatment with the purpose of restoring a woman’s form and self-esteem. A new study presented at the annual meeting for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in San Diego found that many women who have had breast reconstruction go on to have other cosmetic surgical procedures such as body contouring or facial rejuvenation to further improve their self-image.

In this study, out of University of Pennsylvania and MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, researchers looked at 1,214 women who had breast reconstruction between 2005 and 2012. Of these patients, 113 women went on to have cosmetic procedures such as liposuction, facelift and eyelid surgery. Surveys of these women found that the most common reason for them seeking further cosmetic enhancement was the desire to improve their self-image (62 percent).

Breast cancer is a life-changing experience for a woman faced with losing her breast. As plastic surgeons at Breastlink, we strongly believe that breast reconstruction is one of the most rewarding procedures we perform because it not only restores a woman’s form, but also helps to restore their confidence and sense of identity.

Although not all women desire further cosmetic surgery, this study points out that many women who have completed reconstruction still seek to improve their self-esteem and body image through other aesthetic procedures. Recovering from breast cancer is not just about restoring the body’s form, but also restoring a woman’s sense of self.

Breast Reconstruction and Cosmetic Surgery.

At Breastlink, we have a team of plastic surgeons who are passionate about helping our patients through their breast cancer treatment. In addition to breast reconstruction, we also perform a wide variety of both surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate the face, breasts and body to restore our patients’ quality of life during their recovery.

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