Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection

Mammography + Artificial Intelligence

Our mission is simple: to save lives through early detection of breast cancer. When breast cancer is detected in stage 1, the five-year relative survival rate is 99%.1

The Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection (EBCD) program is a breakthrough in early detection. It uses artificial intelligence to help radiologists detect even subtle lesions. Combined with exceptionally high-quality mammography systems, EBCD's artificial intelligence (AI) optimizes breast cancer screening, giving women greater confidence in their results.

It's simple. Improved detection means improved outcomes. Women who want to take control of their health choose EBCD to reinforce that first line of defense against breast disease.

What’s included in EBCD:

After your exam, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology2 is applied to your mammogram.

The AI points out areas of interest on your exam to help the radiologist detect very subtle abnormalities.

After your radiologist reads your exam, the AI performs a second review.

Certain exams with suspicious findings are reviewed by a second radiologist for determination of final results.

EBCD Accuracy

Why Choose EBCD?

  • One in eight women will develop cancer in her lifetime.3 It is crucial to detect the disease early, when treatment options are most optimal.
  • Our AI technology has been shown to improve cancer detection rates and reduce the number of recalls for additional exams.4
  • No additional radiation or time during your visit is required. You safely gain the benefit of state-of-the-art screening.

1. American Cancer Society. Survival Rates for Breast Cancer
2. Saige-DX™ Artificial Intelligence, powered by DeepHealth.
3. American Cancer Society. Key Statistics for Breast Cancer
4. Study results available in Saige-Dx™ Instructions for Use.

EBCD Benefits

A New Frontier in Breast Cancer Detection

You deserve more Accuracy.

You deserve more Power.

You deserve more Peace of Mind.

Say Yes to EBCD

Take charge of your breast health and schedule your screening mammogram with Enhanced Breast Cancer Detection today!



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