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At Breastlink, we believe the best treatment combines the expertise of medical experts at each point of the care continuum (diagnostic imaging, pathology, surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology). This is why we pioneered a unique collaborative approach to breast cancer diagnoses, what we call RadPath, which is a treatment planning conference, where our network of oncologists, surgeons and other specialists discuss each patient’s case and work to develop a coordinated treatment plan to maximize the chance of a cure.

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Our team of dedicated breast care specialists has been providing second opinions for more than 20 years. Regardless of where you are in your breast cancer journey, getting a second opinion is an accepted and encouraged practice amongst breast cancer advocacy groups and physicians who treat patients with breast cancer. Patients shouldn’t worry about offending their doctor – most oncologists expect their patients to seek a second opinion.

The Breastlink treatment model ensures patients, and their families, leave our doors the first day with a treatment plan and the information to make informed decisions.



Get the Answers You Need from the Comfort of Your Home

Virtual appointments are available with the same breast surgeon, oncologist or specialist you will see when you come into one of our Breastlink centers. Virtulink appointments offer the same level of V.I.P. service straight from your tablet, phone or computer.

Call us at Breastlink to set up a Virtulink appointment, or to see if you’re eligible to use Virtulink.

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We offer patients a variety of breast imaging, breast health services and breast cancer treatment options. Our medical experts assess each situation to determine the best course of action for each patient through multidisciplinary treatment planning.

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A multidisciplinary treatment planning conference, bringing together the perspective of radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and oncologists, ensures the collective wisdom of the Breastlink team crafts the optimal breast cancer treatment plan for YOU.

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The experience of our breast-dedicated medical providers has led us to believe that women are best served in a freestanding, multi-disciplinary practice dedicated to breast health. Our network of breast health centers are located in California and Arizona.

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