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Breast Reconstruction

At Breastlink we work with dedicated reconstruction surgeons in the comprehensive management of breast cancer. Our goal is to help each patient find the surgical option that fits her specific needs. We are committed to total care and empowering women in reclaiming their lives.

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Breast Reconstruction Consultation

At our Breastlink Centers, all our patients are given the opportunity to have a consultation with a plastic surgeon, who works closely with our team of breast cancer surgeons and medical oncologists, to explore their breast reconstructive options.

During the consultation, you will learn about the breast reconstruction options available so that you can make an informed decision about your treatment and together with your plastic surgeon, craft an individualized breast reconstruction plan that best meets your goals.

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We offer patients a variety of breast imaging, breast health services and breast cancer treatment options. Our medical experts assess each situation to determine the best course of action for each patient through multidisciplinary treatment planning.

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A multidisciplinary treatment planning conference, bringing together the perspective of radiologists, pathologists, surgeons and oncologists, ensures the collective wisdom of the Breastlink team crafts the optimal breast cancer treatment plan for YOU.

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The experience of our breast-dedicated medical providers has led us to believe that women are best served in a freestanding, multi-disciplinary practice dedicated to breast health. Our network of breast health centers are located in California and Arizona.

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