Stephanie Zeran

  • Stephanie Zeran

Stephanie Zeran

Patient Navigator

Stephanie Zeran brings compassion, acumen and her personal experience with cancer to her role as Breast Patient Navigator at Breastlink Orange.

In her previous roles, Stephanie worked as a Mammography Tracker/Breast Pathology Coordinator at Breastlink and the WaveImaging Breast sites for 11 years, but it is her own experience with ovarian cancer that allows her to connect with patients on a deeper, more emotional level. Stephanie says that in the role of Breast Patient Navigator she hopes to “help our patients through difficult diagnoses and ease the stress for them in any way I can.”

As Breastlink Orange’s Breast Patient Navigator for the High-Risk Program, Stephanie helps patients throughout the continuum of care, from screening and diagnosis to treatment and recovery. This includes assistance with care coordination, education and more, to help them and their loved ones through the breast cancer journey.

In her free time, Stephanie enjoys hiking, bike-riding, camping and going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. She was born and raised in Orange County and has been married for 35 years, with two children and one grandson. Stephanie says she “loves people and helping in any way [she] can.”