Dr. Shawndeep Tung – Helping Women Fight the Battle Against Breast Cancer on Every Level

25 Mar 2020 in

If you walk into Dr. Shawndeep Tung’s office at Breastlink Orange, you can expect to come out with answers. Fellowship trained in Breast Surgical Oncology at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Dr. Tung has cultivated a passion for helping women fight breast cancer and consistently advocates that patients be fully informed about their healthcare.
“My patients are fighting two battles: One with the cancer and one within their own minds,” Dr. Tung says. “My goal is to be able to provide a patient with as much information and support as possible, so when leaving my office they are less anxious and distraught than when they first walked in.”

Dr. Tung likes to emphasize this “emotional battle,” explaining how important it is for patients to discuss a breast cancer diagnosis early with their provider or a breast cancer specialist so they can fully understand their treatment options. “I find that patients experience extreme anxiety, assuming their outcome will match the worst-case scenarios they read about online,” Dr. Tung explains. “The internet is a great resource for information; however, without proper context and consultation with an expert, patients can quickly become overwhelmed by the information.” Dr. Tung wants patients to understand that no two cases are exactly the same.

Dr. Tung is also an advocate for early detection. “When detected early,” he emphasizes, “most patients with breast cancer do very well.”

For his part, the native Southern Californian Dr. Tung provides comprehensive and individualized care to patients, expertly guiding them through their diagnosis and treatment options. His commitment and expertise in treating breast cancer is matched by his passion for his career. Dr. Tung says, “I strive to help my patients beat their cancer on a physical and emotional level.”

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