New Breast Cancer Data Fuels Debate On Screening Women Over the Age of 75

12 May 2021 in

New Breast Cancer Data Fuels Debate on Screening Women Over the Age of 75

The last time the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) released guidelines on mammogram screenings it was 2016 and the recommendations created a great deal of controversy. For the most part, the debate has centered on when a women should start yearly mammogram screenings. While most experts have long held that women should begin screening at age 40, the USPSTF had suggested that women wait until they are 50 to begin and then, only get a mammogram every two years.

Cancer Doesn’t Stop for a Pandemic

16 Oct 2020 in

According to several recent studies, a secondary health crisis seems to be on the rise in this country in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, one that may unfold over the next several months and even years. It’s not the after-effects of Covid-19 (although those also seem numerous and still vastly unknown), but a crisis caused by delays in essential healthcare screenings and management.

Dr. Shawndeep Tung – Helping Women Fight the Battle Against Breast Cancer on Every Level

25 Mar 2020 in

If you walk into Dr. Shawndeep Tung’s office at Breastlink Orange, you can expect to come out with answers. Fellowship trained in Breast Surgical Oncology at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Dr. Tung has cultivated a passion for helping women fight breast cancer and consistently advocates that patients be fully informed about their healthcare.

History of Breast Cancer Treatment

05 Dec 2018 in

Treatment for patients with breast cancer has come a long way since the first written descriptions of breast tumors more than 1,800 years ago. Humanity waited until the 17th century, when we began to understand the role of our circulatory system, to find a connection between breast cancer and the lymph nodes.

This essential finding led to procedures to remove lymph nodes, breast tissue and underlying chest muscles (a radical mastectomy) — the first evidence-based treatment option to treat breast tumors. William Halsted, M.D. performed the first radical mastectomy in 1882.

Breast Cancer Myths. Fact or Fiction?

14 Jun 2018 in

Modern technology has made it easy for women to find information about breast cancer. Unfortunately, it has also made it easier for them to be misled. Myths are often circulated and popularized online, distorting women’s understanding of breast cancer. Here are 10 common breast cancer myths and the truth about them.

Breast Cancer Risk Reduction

26 Jun 2017 in

A recent report by Carlo La Vecchia, head of the department of epidemiology at the University of Milan, indicated that if women were to eat less and exercise more, their risk of developing breast cancer would be reduced by as much as 30 percent. Their findings, which are in general agreement with multiple other studies, indicate that regular, vigorous exercise and maintenance of normal weight are associated with significant reduction in the risk of developing breast cancer.

Can Stress Cause Cancer?

17 Apr 2017 in

Cancer patients are often left with feelings of extreme helplessness. This experience of hopelessness, in addition to feeling overwhelmed by social and often financial constraints, can culminate in a state of severe psychosocial stress – or simply “stress.” While stress in and of itself can significantly detract from quality of life, research has also linked stress in cancer patients with decreased survival.

Breast Implants, Breast Cancer & Mammograms

09 Oct 2016 in

One of the biggest questions women ask when getting breast implants is, “Will breast implants raise my risk of breast cancer?” Fortunately, the answer is no. The chance of a woman developing breast cancer because of her breast implants is negligible. Until very recently, doctors believed the odds were actually zero, which is why the FDA declared them safe and effective in 2006. However, recent studies suggest they may play a small role in a very rare type of cancer known as anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL).

Addressing Some Questions About Breast Cancer

05 Oct 2015 in

Over the years, the medical community has learned a lot more about how we can prevent breast cancer. As a breast-dedicated surgeon, I would be happy to just help prevent breast cancer and never have to perform another surgery. By learning more about risk factors, you choose a screening routine and take preventative therapies to reduce risk and enable early detection of breast cancer.

Are there any medications that reduce breast cancer risk?

Early Detection of Breast Cancer

14 Sep 2015 in

Early detection of breast cancer offers women the best possible chance for optimal treatment. As with many cancers, breast cancer is more easily managed and treated when it is still small. To ensure early detection of breast cancer, women should educate themselves about appropriate screening and breast health care.