History of Breast Cancer Treatment

05 Dec 2018 in

Treatment for patients with breast cancer has come a long way since the first written descriptions of breast tumors more than 1,800 years ago. Humanity waited until the 17th century, when we began to understand the role of our circulatory system, to find a connection between breast cancer and the lymph nodes.

This essential finding led to procedures to remove lymph nodes, breast tissue and underlying chest muscles (a radical mastectomy) — the first evidence-based treatment option to treat breast tumors. William Halsted, M.D. performed the first radical mastectomy in 1882.

Why Pink for Breast Cancer?

02 Oct 2014 in

It’s virtually impossible to avoid the blush shade of pink in the month of October when we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

A color long associated with little girls, princesses and all things light and airy is now ubiquitous, standing in as a shade that symbolizes the fight against breast cancer and an awareness of a disease once only spoken of in hushed tones.